Mighty Meal Pies is a hands-on family-run business, owned by the Whisgary family, who have a 20-year track record in the manufacture of top quality pies and pastries.

Through careful research and development we have perfected our delicious fillings and signature multi-layered puff pastry to produce the best quality pie on the market at the best possible price.

Mighty Meal has recently set up our own in-factory butcher, making sure we select the highest quality meat, expertly trimmed and hand-cut, so we can make sure our customers are enjoying a 100% pure prime-cut beef or chicken pie.

The filling for each of our 6 pie variants is prepared according to a tried and tested Whisgary family recipe, using spices and seasonings that are mixed in-house.

Our range is rounded out by an exceptional, pre-baked gourmet sausage roll, made of 100% pure beef and special seasonings, rolled in our flaky puff pastry and baked to perfection.

To satisfy our customers daily requests to get their hands on our delicious pastry for their own baking we have recently launched our own pre-rolled 400 gram puff pastry brand.

Ask us how to become a distributor or re-seller!

We encourage all our customers to start or extend their businesses by becoming a reseller or distributor of Mighty Meal Pies – “the best pie in South Africa”.

Yusuf Whisgary

Sales & Marketing Manager

Starting out in 2004 as a Costing Clerk at Whisy Foods – manufacturers of Mighty Meal Pies – Yusuf has worked across a wide spectrum of operations within the company; all the while gaining insight and experience with a view to developing the best quality pie at the lowest possible cost. With his mission accomplished, Yusuf is now the Sales & Marketing Manager responsible for the marketing of Mighty Meal Pies to retail outlets and the public, and expanding the Mighty distributor network.

Shahied Whisgary

Sales Representative & Area Manager

Starting out in 2004 as a Sales Representative at Whisy Foods – manufacturers of Mighty Meal Pies, Shahied has developed good relationships with all the major Cash & Carries in the Western Cape.  He is responsible for all sales relating to the wholesaler and Cash & Carry markets. In addition his responsibility has broadened to being the Area Manager.

In every Mighty Meal product our exceptional multi-layered puff pastry is packed with a rich filling containing choice A-Grade meat prepared with a variety of selected spices in accordance with a Whisgary family recipe, then baked to perfection to produce a gourmet pie that provides the best quality meal for the lowest possible price.


Just heat and eat. Our pre-baked pie range comes packed in a pie-friendly packet to ensure a longer shelf life.  Our range of pies comes in 6 delectable flavours:  Steak, Steak & Kidney, Pepper Steak, Chicken & Mushroom, Tikka Chicken, and Kashmiri Curry – all baked to perfection in our signature puff pastry shell.

Pre-baked pies come in a box of 12. Customers can also request a mixed box.


Our gourmet range of unbaked frozen pies comes with even more meat, in 4 delectable flavour variants: Steak & Kidney, Pepper Steak, Chicken & Mushroom and Tikka Chicken – all encased in Mighty Meal’s perfect pastry.

Unbaked frozen pies comes in boxes of 6.


Might Meal’s pre-baked gourmet sausage roll is ready to heat and eat; made of 100% pure beef and our own spice blend, then rolled in our flaky puff pastry and baked to perfection.

Prebaked sausage rolls come in boxes of 12.


Our signature puff pastry comes in pre-rolled 400 gram packs.

Pre-rolled pastry can be bought as singles or in boxes of 12.

Steak Pie

Prime cuts of beef and our custom-blend of herbs and spices are prepared in a rich gravy, and then loaded into our Mighty puff pastry shells ready to be baked to golden perfection.

Steak and Kidney Pie

Our traditional steak & kidney pie is filled with prime-quality cuts of beef and lambs’ kidneys which are simmered in delicious gravy until tender and tasty.

Pepper Steak Pie

A-grade steak is prepared in a savoury sauce spiked with peppercorns and then encased in our flaky, buttery pastry to make our pepper steak pie one of our top sellers.

Kashmiri Curry Pie *New Product*

Following a closely guarded family recipe from Kashmir in northern India, our Kashmiri steak curry filling is piled into our delicious crisp, flaky pastry to make the best curry pie in South Africa.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

This classic chicken and mushroom pie is packed with choice cuts of chicken in a creamy sauce that is enhanced with mushrooms to make a hearty, delicious meal.

Tikka Chicken Pie

The Mighty tikka chicken pie is skilfully prepared using choice chicken meat and a mix of authentic tikka spices to produce a delectable chicken pie with a bite.


Port Elizabeth: Desai Wholesalers, United Cash & Carry

Robertson: Jmaxx Robertson,

Worcester: Galaxy Cash & Carry, Jmaxx Worcester, Supreme Cash & Carry

Wellington: Krystal Cash & Carry, Newton Cash & Carry, Panorama Fruits

Bellville: Tawakal Cash & Carry, Salahudin Cash & Carry

Stellenbosch: Max Savers Supermarket, Merriman Cash & Carry, Stellenbosch Cash & Carry

Surrey Estate: Haven Wholesalers, I.E. Wholesalers

Salt River: Number One Cash & Carry

Ottery: Fiza Cash & Carry

Kraaifontein: Arafat Cash & Carry, Mr Big Cash & Carry

Kuilsriver: Kuilsriver Cash & Carry

Paarl: Barako Team, Barwako Cash & Carry, Bismillah Cash & Carry

Mitchell’s Plain:  Winners Cash & Carry, Fish Wholesalers, Galaxy Cash & Carry, Avalon Cash

& Carry, Mother of Plain, Hyperland

Gatesville:  Elite Food Town

Rylands:  Elite Cash & Carry, MA Powertrade Cash & Carry, Allied Cash & Carry

Retreat:  Nu Welcome, Super Saves

Cravenby:  Cravenby Cash & Carry, Abdullah Cash & Carry

Epping Bofors Circle:  A1 Hyper Chickens

Epping Gunners Circle:  Kekkel En Kraai, The Dairy Spot


One Up: Paarl, Kraaifontein, Cravenby, Epping, Prominade, Worcester

Giant Hyper: Cape Gate, Epping

Spar: Vangate Mall, Kromboom, Ottery

Address: Unit 3 Pollux Road, Lansdowne Industria, Cape Town, 7780

Phone: 021 761 2550

Email: info@mightymeal.co.za

Hours:  Monday – Thursday, 8AM–4PM | Friday, 8AM – 12NOON, 2PM – 4PM | Saturday, 9AM – 12:30NOON